Abortion Law

Organic Law 2/2010, of the 3rd of March, of sexual and reproductive health and voluntary termination of pregnancy.

The pregnancy can be terminated with the woman's request or due to medical reasons always under the following circumstances:

1.Article 14

Pregnancy less than 14 weeks. Free decision of the woman. Reflection period 3 days. Application with proper documentation before the assignment of appointment.

2.Article 15.a

Pregnancy between 15-22 weeks based on the woman's health condition. Different from VTOP, it requires prior report issued by a Medical Specialist. General technical information should be attached with the application.

3.Article 15.b

Pregnancy up to 22 weeks with the existence of fetal malformations. Different from other types of termination of pregnancy, it requires prior report issued by two Medical Specialists. The general technical information, rights and aids for the disabled should be attached with the application.

4.Article 15.c

Pregnancy over 22 weeks in cases of fetal abnormalities. The authorization of Clinical Committee is required.

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